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A Subsidiary of Aries Telecasting Pvt Ltd
All Lights Film Services (ALFS), is a leading consultancy which helps Film Makers to ‘Go GLOBAL’. All Lights Film Services provide your movie/documentary the deserved exposure at various International Film Festivals across the globe with a surety that your movie wouldn’t go un-noticed at any of the film circuits, be it big or small. All Lights Film Services is a film marketing and promotion wing under Aries Telecasting Pvt. Ltd. which helps Film Makers to ‘Go GLOBAL’. The consultancy helps Indian Filmmakers to take their movies to film festivals, film markets and film awards around this world, and thereby to new levels of exposure and fame. All Lights Film Services also does rigorous campaigns to help you get into the very prestigious ‘Oscar Race’ – A highest honor awarded for excellence in cinema. In a short span of three years, All Lights Film Services, has gained huge reputation in the market, and the services can be blindly trusted in all aspects. The firm is founded by Mr. Sohan Roy. We can support you all for achieving more accolades for your movies. RSVP


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About Us

All Lights Film Services
All Lights Film Services is a division of Aries Telecasting Pvt Ltd. All Lights Film Services helps filmmakers and producers to get their movies listed in the global market. We at All Lights will ensure that your movie gets positions and exposure in various International Film Festivals all across the globe that it greatly deserves. With us your film will not go unnoticed at International circuits. All Lights Film Service is a leading consultancy which helps you to present /submit your movies in International Film Festival, International Film Markets and International competitions and award circuits including Oscar.
All Lights bring your movie the deserved exposure at various film festivals across the globe `and make sure it wouldn't go unnoticed in the prestigious film circuits.All Lights Film Services is also specialized in the Theatrical, TV, VOD and Internet sales of Indian and International movies irrespective of its genre, be it a commercial movie or a critically acclaimed art house product. Our company helps its clients to develop unique strategies for movies to achieve international recognitions especially through Award Selections and Film Festival Entries.
If you are filmmaker who has a quality movie in your hand which deserves a place in global film world, then All Lights Film Services will be the perfect guide for you. We will help you to submit the movies to various International Film Festivals and Oscar. If your movie gets selected for the festival or Oscar, then we will do the online promotions in connection with those selections. If you handover the movie to All Lights Film Services, then as a producer you can sit back and relax without any headache or hassles. For enquiries : | Mob : +91 9539 000 509